Month of Love – Meet Niklaas and Alfonsina Nkosi

“I’m lost without her…”

If there is one thing that life has taught us, is that time is precious and we much treasure our loved ones while we have the chance. 

For Niklaas Nkosi, his precious time with his dear wife Alfonsina came to an abrupt end when she suddenly passed away in December last year.

Niklaas remembers her as a strong woman who was very organized, running their household smoothly despite her full-time job.  But she made sure Niklaas did his part in the house.  In the evenings when they got home, the two would do the washing together.  Niklaas loved Alfonsina’s cooking – it’s the one thing he misses the most!

Sy kon soms lekker skel” (she sometimes scolded him) he says with a little giggle, “then I know I have to keep in line. But she always wanted what was best for me.”

She was a loving wife and caring mom for their two sons and left a huge void in their lives.  “I’m lost without her….I can’t explain how I feel…I miss her so much!”

The couple met in the Eastern Cape and was married for 16 years.  After Niklaas came to the Western Cape to find work, he went back to fetch Alfonsina.  “Ek het haar daar gaan loop haal” (I went to fetch her)

Niklaas, a Thokozani shareholder, works in the vineyards at Diemersfontein for the past 14 years.  Alfonsina joined the company 9 years ago, first as a casual worker and was later permanently employed.  The couple worked together in harmony and Niklaas was motivated by his wife’s calm demeaner and dedication to her work.

He finds it very difficult without her at work and at home but finds comfort in the beautiful memories she left behind.

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