Special Releases

International Women’s Month – Wendy Pekeur

Wendy Pekeur, founder of Ubuntu Rural Women and Youth Movement is a dedicated activist working tirelessly towards improving the lives of the vulnerable. Driven by the values and principles taught by her grandparents, she motivates people to never give up on their hopes and dreams. #WomenInLeadership# ChooseToChallenge #witu_sa #InternationalWomensMonth

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International Women’s Month – Leandra Meyer

Leandra Meyer, General Manager of the South African Liquor Brand owners Association (SALBA), is a dedicated leader who confidently takes her seat at the table in the wine and spirits industry. Her resilient and engaging nature is an encouragement to women who want to position themselves in this competitive industry. #WomenInLeadership #ChooseToChallenge #witu_sa #InternationalWomensMonth

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International Women’s Month – Pravashini Govender

Pravashini Govender, Group Head: Regulation and Policy at Distell Group is an excellent strategist, mediator and lobbyist who successfully navigates the grey areas of the alcohol policy environment to create win-win solutions for all stakeholders. She encourages women to believe in themselves and embrace being different and diverse. #WomenInLeadership #ChooseToChallenge #witu_sa #InternationalWomensMonth

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International Women’s Month – Mishinga Seyuba Kombo

Mishinga Seyuba Kombo , Head of Enterprise & Supplier Development at Pick n Pay, is an impressive leader who successfully links small, growing businesses to their corporate company. Mishinga motivates women to achieve in life despite the many demands put on them in the different roles they fulfil. She encourages young women to use their voice and reach out to other women they admire and are inspired by. #WomenInLeadership# ChooseToChallenge #witu_sa #InternationalWomensMonth

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International Women’s Month – Cheryl Phillips

Cheryl Phillips, Senior Manager for Economic Growth and Tourism at Drakenstein Municipality is a dynamic leader with a focused approach to economic growth and development.  She is well aware of the challenges women leaders are faced with, but still choses to pave the way for others to follow. She encourages women to be agents of change in this exciting environment. #WomenInLeadership #ChooseToChallenge #witu_sa #InternationalWomensMonth

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International Women’s Month – Caroline Poole

Caroline Poole, CEO of Vinpro Foundation, is an inspiring woman who is committed to change. She sets a high standard of leadership in the social development space in the wine industry. She highlights her biggest success and challenge and motivates young women to enter into this field. #WomenInLeadership #ChooseToChallenge #witu_sa #InternationalWomensMonth

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