Month of Love – Malmsey and Diale Rangaka

“in for a penny, in for a pound“

Malmsey and Diale Rangaka, owners of M’Hudi Wines, have taken their marriage vows to heart and incorporated it into their business lives. They do not see their personal lives as separate but rather embrace their togetherness in life. The two have been married for 46 years and have been generating their own income for the last 36 years.

They flourish in their different roles at M’Hudi.  Malmsey is the CEO and handles finances, while Diale oversees the farm management, Human Resources, Public Relations and Marketing.

Diale describes Malmsey as warrior queen, Nzhinga, a historical Royal from the Matamba people of present-day Angola.  Queen Nzhinga fought against the encroachment of the Portuguese’s attempt to control the slave trade in South West Africa and is remembered for her intellect, wisdom and brilliant military tactics. Says Diale, “Malmsey is a fiercely protective matriarch!”.

Malmsey has leant that Diale has a strong commitment to the economic emancipation of South Africa’s black people and works to see our country attain and maintain its economic leadership on the African continent.

Bringing their different strengths to their relationship has been their recipe for success. Malmsey is methodical, ensuring efficient business operations while providing a high-quality product. Diale admires Malmsey’s compassion, fortitude, and resilience.

Diale can make Malmsey laugh even in the most serious of circumstances but being comical or “Pathologically unserious” as Malmsey describes him does not detract from his ability to being a strong researcher and marketing expert.

Whenever Malmsey and Diale experience challenges in their business, they always remember that family comes first.  They are building a legacy for their family, which is much more important and rewarding than just making profits.

Their favourite quote for the month of love is one from Paul Valery, “Love is being stupid together” and their advice for any couple is to work on staying in love and building memories together.

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