Month of Love – Malcolm and Cheryl Green

“together is our favourite place to be”

For Malcolm and Cheryl Green of La RicMal Wines, being in business together comes naturally, as both stem from entrepreneurial parents.

The couple agrees that although it was a very rough road in business in the early years and uncertainties always existed, the reward came in that humble meal they shared and from putting that plate on the table together!

Being entrepreneurs from an early age, they share a vision and drive for independence and unconventionality and are motivated by their faith and common vision for success.

Like the true definition of the “yin yang” Malcolm and Cheryl complement each other in the business and seamlessly fit into the roles that is expected at the time. Individually and as a team, they share their traits on different functional levels of decision making, negotiating and steering the business forward.

They learned that sharing different viewpoints on the same situation allows them to be critical and complimentary at the same time – and that a good laugh always lightens any situation!

The comfortable humor between them comes through when they each claim, with a sweet smile, that their strength lies in having each other’s back, like the saying goes “behind every successful man/women….”

Malcolm and Cheryl are childhood sweethearts who met in their teens.  Reminded that this is the month of love, they fondly remember getting married in the Emmanuel Cathedral in Kwazulu-Natal 42 years ago!  Their journey together taught them that applying the principles of matrimony to any business is a winning recipe. Their relationship is built on love, commitment, faithfulness, humility, patience, time (for each other), honesty, trust, communication and selflessness.

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